If you do not want to put work into building a website, then it is not for you. Websites do not build themselves you have to put work into them. One thing that is important to having  top listed domains is using back links.


You ask what is a backlink? A backlink is essential to building a top knot website. They are necessary to Search Engine Optimization or SEO. A backlink is incoming to a webpage. If you are on a webpage, and you click on a link that takes you to another web page, this is a backlink. A website that has a lot of backlinks ranks higher than those that do not.

To understand backlinks, there are some terms that you need to learn. These are;

1. Link Juice. When a web page has links to any part of your website it passed the link juice. It helps with ranking and with domain authority. If you do not want it to link to your website, then you can use a nofollow tag.

2. Nofollow link. These links do not contribute anything of use to the website. It is only used when you do not want other links leading to the webpage. If you are linking to an unreliable site, then you will want to use the nofollow tag.

3.Do-Follow link. Do-follow is just the opposite of nofollow. You use this to have sites you know reliable to link to your site. When you do this, you are passing the link juice.
4. Linking Root Domains. If a website is linked to your site ten times, it will only be considered one linked root domain.

Link Popularity SEO5. Low-Quality Links. These are links that come from automated sites such as spam sites. If you are buying links, be sure to check where they originate. Links from a spammy site can cause your site to be considered spammy.

6. Internal Links. These are links that link to another page on the site.

7. Anchor Text. When you use text as a hyperlink, it is known as anchor text.

Now that you know some of the relevant terms used in search engine optimization it is time to tell you about the advantages of having backlinks. In the past, low-quality links helped in ratings, but Google has a new algorithm, Penguin, which has changed backlinks dramatically.